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A Ultimate New York Surfer Shop Blueprint to Local Breaks

by admin on December 17, 2012

Surfing is surf shop new york click here the grandfather of water board sports being that people have already been surfing for years and years with evidence of the natives on Hawaii surfing straight back before explorers first came to the islands. straight back on the Hawaiian Islands surfing was often reserved only for royalty. Surfing has evolved in to a main-stream superb popular sport and big business. Nevertheless surfing is not for everyone simply ask people who cannot swim or people who are afraid to paddle far out into the surf where the waves the majority of the time rest best. Surfing also needs a lot of skill and training to become good enough. After you have mastered the art of surfing though it is surprisingly addicting and with it comes a life long passion that never leaves you.

Skimboarding nevertheless is a water board sport which can be enjoyed by almost everyone from young children to middle aged adults demanding little skill to thoroughly appreciate it. You do not need to paddle far out to the surf, you do not need to know how to swim, there is also no sharks or undertow. It is really a sport which can be enjoyed from the safety of the shore making it a wonderful sport for young children and easing the minds of parents every-where. Skimboards may also be much much cheaper than a surfboard and much smaller making it better to take on vacation with you or carry in your car with you. Next time you are planning to hit the shore pick up a skimboard and give it a try, once you do you’ll be hooked for a lifetime.


With over 400 miles of coastline Long Island beaches are some of the most delightful and comfortable on the planet. The surf’s maybe not too rough, the water temperature is comfortable, the fine sand is easy on your own feet and the sun is just right for a great tan.

Fire Island

long island surf shop

long island surf shop

Fire Island is one of the more peaceful, yet fascinating places on Long Island. The island is home to 17 or so unique seaside communities that offer some thing for everyone. Nightlife, shopping, wilderness, camping, music, trekking, dining, free galleries, beaches–You’ll find it all on Fire Island.

The North Fork

Long Island’s north fork is an unusual blend of agricultural and coastal communities. You will find farms, restaurants, bed & breakfasts, wineries, beaches, motels and marinas by the bucket load here.

The South Fork (The Hamptons and Montauk Point) The south fork of Long Island is larger than the north fork and comprised entirely of the Hamptons and Montauk Point.

The Hamptons are frequently referred to as the resort area of the rich. This beautiful area is both scenic and advanced with museums, beaches, wineries, farm stands, free galleries, antique shops and upscale restaurants.

Montauk Point is the easternmost tip of Long Island. Some consider it the conclusion of long Island, the others the beginning. In just about any case, this town is the fishing capital of Long Island and one of the fishing capitals of the world.

Needless to say, Montauk Point is more than just fish. Camping, trekking, shopping, dining, whale watching, the lighthouse and romantic ocean-front hotels make Montauk the right choice for family enjoyment.

The south fork is huge and you actually cannot see it all in a one day trip. Your very best bet is to drive through the Hamptons and spend the night time and following day in Montauk Point.

The Shelter Island ferry is a wonderful way to get from the north fork to the south fork. You’ll avoid straight back tracking through Riverhead, appreciate a short but scenic boat ride, and get to see picturesque Shelter Island. Ferries run 365 days a year from 6:00am until midnight and depart every fifteen minutes from terminals in Greenport on the north fork and North Haven in the Hamptons.

To make the most out of your Long Island trip the best time of year to visit is between Labor Day and Memorial Day (last week of May through first week of September

). Throughout that time of year absolutely everything is open and running in full swing. Throughout the fringe times early in May or Late September things are either gearing up or slowing down, so in the summertime oriented communities you might find some stores and restaurants shut.

The advantage to touring at these times is needless to say, fewer crowds and better hotel rates.

What I have presented in this short article only hints at the possibilities. Long Island is the area for memorable summer vacations, romantic weekend getaways, and enjoyable day trips.

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