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Driving Restrictions and Technological Introductions throughout Suffolk

by admin on May 24, 2013

Cameras that capture the license plates of vehicles running red lamps are controversial across the state. Now, Nassau and Suffolk authorities are seeking to produce revenue from red-light violations. To date, New York City is the state’s only red-light camera place.

Red Light Cameras On Long Island

Legislators have left Albany for a well-deserved, two-week break. As transport and walking safety advocates have sifted through the recently – passed budget during the lull, an important breakthrough has emerged : each region on Long Isle has obtained the go – ahead to install 50 more red light cameras.

A Extended Island Traffice Lawyer claims the technology has been successful on Long Island. In 2009, New York State authorized Nassau and Suffolk to install and use 50 cameras each included in a “demonstration program,” and a Newsday headline from late 2011 summarizes the application’s progress well: “Report: Red-Light Cameras Decrease Accidents.” Based on a Nassau County Traffic Safety Board report, the cameras reduced accidents by the average of 12-16% at 40 intersections under research (10 were left out due to insufficient information). Nassau County Exec Ed Mangano has recognized the cameras’ effectiveness.

Express Sen. Charles Fuschillo (R-Merrick) said Friday that the transport board he chairs can approve a fresh camera bill Monday.

The cameras save lives because red light jogging is highly dangerous—the Accidents that result from ignored traffic signals tend to blend velocity and right-angle (“T-bone”) impacts, which cause a high number of injuries and fatalities. According to a current record, red light running resulted in 113,000 injuries and 676 fatalities in the U.S. in ’09, and the expense of such irresponsible driving fall disproportionately on innocent victims: the record found that practically two thirds of those deaths were people, other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Neither Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi nor Suffolk County Executive David Levy put money before Safety, but both have budget crises and have stated they are desperate for any cash the cameras can bring. The li traffic lawyer condition – - that allows cameras just in cities of one million or more individuals, like New York City – - today might allow the Long Island counties, and Zoysia and Yonkers have them.

Officers in both counties stated they will not use state funds for the cameras, but instead will rent from contractors who will maintain and install the cameras for an undetermined proportion of the ticket. Ian Siegel, Nassau’s deputy county Exec for parks and community functions, said requests for the suggestion already have been answered and requests for a “greatest and final offer” are due Wednesday.

As Nassau’s data suggests, these are preventable disasters. Throughout the state, red light cameras have been shown to dramatically Decrease the number of vehicles running red lights; the aforementioned research discovered that deadly red light crash prices were decreased by 24 per cent in 14 cities that launched red light cameras. As of 2010, over 500 cities were using this technology.

A Extended island traffic Lawyer says they are uncomfortable, they may cause rear-end Accidents and the time can be altered to increase revenue. The license-plate owner can say someone else was driving, but must show it, starting with providing the title of the motorist.

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